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SevmorNefteGaz is a rapidly developing vertically integrated oil company based on the largest fuel and energy producers of the Russian Federation. The Company ranks among the top-ten Russian oil producers, and in the top-five oil refining companies.

SevmorNefteGaz markets its products in Russia and exports them to Eastern and Western Europe, as well as to Kazakhstan and the Ukraine.SevmorNefteGaz is one of the oldest oil enterprises in Russia producing oil since 1932 Cumulative oil production in Bashkortostan exceeds 1.65 billion tons Exploration and production is carried out at over 180 oil and gas fields Production rate exceeds 15 million tons of oil per year In 2009–2011

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15th June, 2013
The commissioning of ZAO "SevmorNefteGaz" new complex in 2012 will allow the Company to increase the refining throughput to the refinery's maximum loading of 8.8 million tons per year
18th May, 2013
ZAO "SevmorNefteGaz" – is leading on a professional levels in the Oil field of Russian federation
25th December, 2012
22 December 2012 The Omsk refinery Opens in new window, the main refining asset of SevmorNefteGaz, is one of the most advanced refineries in Russia and one of the largest refineries in the world. In 2012.